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Upcoming Litters  

Spring/Summer 2023

Fiona and Leo's standard Multi-Gen litter, estimated weight 50-60 lbs, classic black and white, chocolate and white, with potential for gold/cream, and tri coloring.

Summer/Fall 2023

Charlie and Houser's Standard F2B litter, estimated weight 45-65 lbs, classic black and white and merle coloring.


  1. Puchalski, K.             1/2021

  2. Gallegly, A.               2/2022

  3. Allred, A.                   9/2022

  4. Quattrocchi, R.        11/2022

  5. Thornton, J.             11/2022

  6. Bickle, L.                    1/2023

  7. Walker, D.                  1/2023

  8. Lowrey, S.                  2/2023

  9. Ford, J.                      2/2023

After 1 year of your name being on the waitlist, I will drop it from my webpage but your deposit is still standing and you can be added back to the top of waitlist at any time.

REMINDER As the Breeder, we reserve the right to hold back any puppies regardless of deposit or place on the waiting list. 

Mother Nature is in control of a female's heat cycle, pregnancy, and litter size. Therefore, I cannot give you an exact date on when your puppy will be born. However, you will know around 3 months in advance what the approximate date your puppy will be ready for it’s forever home!

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