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When we decided to start breeding Sheepadoodles we knew we did not want to be a kennel breeder, but a small family breeder where our dogs are a part of our home and a big part of our family. Because of that, we have decided to offer a Guardian Home Program so all of our dogs can have the best life possible. Becoming a Guardian Home gives you the opportunity to have a “pick of a litter puppy” to add to your family at no cost (the cost of these puppies ranges from $2000 -$5000.) The puppy/dog goes and lives with your family and experiences the normal life of being a puppy/dog! Then when they are matured and ready we will breed them 3-4 times (between the ages of 1-4.) During the breeding time, the female will come and stay with us (a few days during her heat cycle and then will come and stay with us the week before her due date and then thru the time the puppies are 6 weeks old.)  Once retired the dog will become a permanent part of your family! As a guardian home, you’ll be responsible for the day-to-day expense of owning a dog- annual exams, vaccinations, grooming, food, etc... As the breeder, I will cover all expenses related to the pregnancy of the female. Each family will be given a generous financial bonus after every litter your female produces. Becoming a Guardian Home is a big responsibility and an amazing experience!! We choose our Guardian homes very carefully! Below are some basic requirements.

  • Have a fenced-in yard.

  • Live within an hour of NW Arkansas.

  • Be committed to socializing your puppy with family, friends, and your community.

  • Be willing to train your dog in basic commands and good manners.

  • She must be an indoor pet and never left alone outside for great periods of time or overnight.

  • Feed quality dog food and not allow your dog to become overweight.

  • Provide regular exercise.

  • Must not have other unaltered dogs of the opposite sex living in your home.

  • Be willing to communicate openly with me and form a transparent and honest relationship!

These are just the basics to get you familiar with a Guardian Home Program. There are many other details that are spelled out in our contract to answer all of your questions and to offer endless support to the families and dogs in our program!

If you are interested in our Guardian Home Program please fill out the below form. Please tell me all about your family, why you are interested in becoming a Guardian Family, and any concerns or questions you might have!

Guardian Home Program

Thanks for submitting!

Guardian Home Application
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